Classic XL Marble Range

Classic XL Black Marble
Classic XL Black Marble
Classic XL Treated Pine Marble
Classic XL Richmond Grey Marble
Classic XL Midnight Blue Marble
Classic XL Cappuccino Marble
Classic XL Bone Marble
Classic XL Blue Metal Grey Marble

Flake sizes after coming of the production line ranges from 1" to smaller included in all boxes. These sizes can not be separated in any way. Designer Flakes new and unique Classic Range is the latest decorative option in seamless flooring. Its exclusive extra size gives you the closest look to real marble than ever before. The Classic Range sets its place in the market with 15 standard options, giving you more choice to suit your project. (Classic XL is a mixture of 1" to smaller size flake from the tumbling process in every 3kilo pail). Coverage rate per 3kilo pail is up to 15sqm depending on the broadcasting use heavy or light.

Please note that colours may not be strictly accurate, depending on screen quality and other factors. 

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