Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to our website may have.
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First step / 1st coat  -Epoxy Primer 

Second step /  2nd coat  -Epoxy high solids Base-coat (broadcasting over the wet epoxy with Designer Flakes)

Final step /  2 Top coats - Clear U.V Stabilized Polyurethane finish

It all depends on the size of the individual job, the required preparation of the subfloor and the type of system required. There are cheaper alternative products on the market however an approximate square metre price would be from $55.00 pm2 subject to above requirements.

Approximately 2-2.5 mm thick for a typical coating system.

  • Long lasting flooring                       
  • Low maintenance with cleaning
  • Decorative seamless finish                          
  • Will not harbor bacteria
  • Anti-static                      
  • Competitive in price to a lot of surface coatings,tiles and timber.
  • Won’t crack / chip or peel
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter insulated covering.
  • Easy on the feet not like tiles
  • No grout lines for spills to stain
  • If damaged easy to repair
  • Perfect for wet areas
  • Accidental flooding will not harm this type of floor
  • Looks amazing in arrange of colours and styles
  • Mix and match your own colours
  • Smooth or non-slip 
  • Noise reducing
  • Will not yellow or change colour
  • Oils and petrol's wipe clean off (must be within a short time frame of the leak or spill)
  • Fire resistant
  • Floors can be completed in one - three days depending on products used and job time frames

Seamless floors can be applied to most flat surfaces, including ceilings, walls and floors,  internal and external areas, commercial and domestic applications. The surface must be stable from and free from any movement. Joins, cracks and holes must be filled to prevent them showing through the finished job. 

This Product is both used in the Commercial and the Domestic markets:                                                

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools / colleges / universities                     
  • Butcher shops
  • Food preparation areas                                 
  • Aged care facilities
  • Clubs / sporting / RSL's                          
  • Shopping Malls / Centres
  • Councils                                               
  • State Government Institutions

Yes.  In cases where the surface requires slip resistance a non slip additive is added to the top coats.  From samples tested the Stonegrip system has achieved  R10/R12 slip ratings from test results  for commercial applications and wet areas.  The system must be followed exactly to achieve to these ratings.

Depending on the preparation time of the floor and coatings used, approximately 2-3 days to completion. A typical system must be traffic free (foot) for no less than 24 hours after final coat, and, 5-7 days before vehicular traffic depending on weather conditions and coating systems used. The system is an epoxy coating needing time to cure and fully harden, allowing something heavy to be driven over and if parked prematurely may result in damage to your new floor.

Approximately 3-5 days. The typical Seamless Flake Epoxy Floor System is made for long term durability, which requires several coatings to be applied to achieve.  These coatings require curing time to dry between each coat. ^-12 Hours for most coatings. There are now coatings called Polyaspartic which can dry much quicker, allowing a floor system to be applied in only one day. Polyaspartic resins offer many benefits over traditional resins, higher abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, faster installation, and better overall performance.

Seamless floors are the lowest maintenance floors available today, only requiring a very mild detergent in warm water, this is usually enough to clean. String mops are not recommended as they leave a "dirty film" over the surface. Sponge mops or stiff brooms and water. Stonedgrip blends requiring a little more elbow grease to keep clean, stiff broom and machine scrubbing highly recommended..

This floor system created and rigorously tested is very strong, especially for commercial applications having Trucks, 4WD’s and fork lifts etc. run over the surfaces with ease showing no damage at all. Domestic garages have cars driven over and parked for long periods at a time. For a precaution and added protection for your new Flake floor I would suggest carpet mats placed under all tyres as it has been known that some tyres may leach chemicals and stain the Flake floor or some times the Tyre will stick to the floor pulling up your floor when you drive off.

The areas that a seamless floor can be applied to are endless to commercial or domestic areas.

Some examples are:


  • Around swimming pools          
  • Driveways                                                           
  • Garages  
  • Path ways
  • Ramps    
  • Around houses
  • Fencing
  • Walls                       
  • Utes / Trailers
  • Food Vans
  • Retirement villages
  • Commercial buildings carparks
  • Any area outside you would need dressing up.


  • Throughout the whole home on floors / walls      
  • Showers Domestic, Public Gyms, Schools
  • Toilets   Domestic, Public Gyms, Schools                                                                     
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries                                                                 
  • Rumpus rooms
  • Bench tops                                                      
  • Renewing that old kitchen Laminex bench
  • Garages or sheds
  • School class rooms
  • Canteens
  • Sports clubs

These are some of the areas the system has been successfully applied to already. Preparation must be perfect for a perfect job..

No we don't, however we supply our Flakes to distributors, who then on sell to hundreds of applicators around Australia.

No. Designer Flake Pty Ltd, is a component manufacturer, specializing in the manufacturing of Quality Coloured Flakes, which provide colour and texture to resinous flooring systems. 

Most orders are packed and dispatched within 1 day.

Yes Designer Flake products are available for professional applicators or can be purchased through our Re-sellers. 

Yes all flakes we Manufacture are only produced in our Plant right here in Australia with all materials sourced within Australia only. 

Yes we can, once you make an order we can get quotes for your freight and emailed an invoice to you for payment, once you have agreed with the price and the order is payed for the shipment will then be dispatched with con note details emailed to you for your tracking. (you will have to cover customs costs at your end)

To place an order you will have to be a wholesaler, after you have decided what you require from our Flake range.

Email purchase order to

once we receive your purchase order we will return email an invoice for you to either call us with a credit card or you can EFT direct debit into our bank, our bank details provided on the bottom of the invoice.

No good will be dispatched without full payment of order.

Yes, we are happy to offer our Flakes to anyone who would like to buy them, however there is a price structure and a minimum purchase quantity to protect those who do on-sell our Flakes. Please call for more information.

All freight orders going overseas should be organised by the customer, it can work out very expensive if we do it...

We can give you the measurements and Total weight for you to organise collection from our dispatch.

Yes, you will have to wash your floor over with a mild dish-washing detergent and warm water to remove the residue that has been released from the top coating. (if a solvent base top clear was used )

It has been seen that some new car tyres can cause yellowing patches on your flake floor, possibly from the chemicals in the solvent clear coating. So yes its recommended before using your New garage floor to wash with a detergent and as often as you can after as the chemical solvents will still release over time.

Yes its a good idea by placing carpet mats under your new Tyres, that will protect your floor from possible yellowing or marking your Flake floor.

Yellowing can occur on your floor from a range of different possibilities 1, The top clear coating was not UV stable. 2, chemicals spills on your floor. 3, The solvents in the clear top coat can allow new Tyre's to leave marks on the floor. 4, pets urine will yellow the floor.

Unfortunately there is no quick way of removing the yellowing, as it has now leached down in to your floor, patching or re doing the whole floor with a new floor is the way to go.

All we can do is our best to match your requested colour, our colour shade may vary from what your colours are, we will do our best please obtain a sample first before you order.

No you are able to order any size quantity for a patch up to a full job.

We can supply free Flakes for small samples, please ask us what you are needing. You will only have to pay any freight cost to you. 

No we recommend you source out a professional applicator due to the unique intricacies associated with the preparation and application of your seamless floor.

No its applied the same as our stanegrip range much better to be over the top of your wet epoxy area and broadcasting then trying to throwing from the wet line over your floor.

There is more scraping or sanding required to get a smooth finish.

Yes the floor is very thirsty on the first coating as the concentration of Flakes is greater.

They will have an over all same appearance but because they are hand created no 2 floors will look the same.

Yes if you change the recommended base coating as completed in our hard samples,you will be altering your floor making it appear darkening or lighter.

No all rangers are machine made and cant be added to or subtracted of there colours in any way.

Yes once you have received your Stone range colours its up to the individual to mix together Flakes as they please.

The Clear you choose to seal and protect your Flakes will have to do with the environment your floor is going to be in. Discuss with your applicator as to the best top coating for your floor.

Yes our Designer Flakes can be blown onto any vertical surface using a specially designed Flaking Gun from Tradesmans Warehouse.

Our Designer Flakes are fade resistant, but you will need to look at the top clear coating over the top of the Flakes, to see that it will withstand the chlorine or the salt water for long periods of time without deterioration.