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Our Flakes we manufacture are for use as part of decorative seamless epoxy floors and walls, used widely in the commercial and the domestic market.

Designer Flake has designed a variety of single and blended Flake colours to ensure customers have a wide range to choose from:

  • Standard Blends - are available in (micro 1/8"on request-extra charge applies)(Small 1/4") or (Large 1/2")
  • Marbletone Blends - are available in  (Micro 1/8"on request-extra charge applies),(Small 1/4") or (Large 1/2")
  • New Generation Blends- are available in  (micro 1/8"on request-extra charge applies), ( Small 1/4") or (Large 1/2" on request-extra charge applies)
  • Stonegrip Blends -   are available in (Micro only 1/8") (Slip Rated floor to RI0/RI2) - (Can be produced into micro & small with no-stone on request- extra charge applies)
  • Classic Marble - are available in (Micro 1/8"on request-extra charge applies),(Small 1/4"),(Large 1/2") or (XL size 1")
  • Single Colours - are available in (Micro 1/8"), (Small 1/4") or (Large 1/2")
  • Stone Look Range - available in one only mix, that is made up of various sizes of our Flakes to create our Stone effect range. 
  • Glow Flakes - available in 2 colours only Yellow/Green & Aqua Blue Sizes (Micro 1/8"),(Small 1/4") or (large 1/2")

Each one of our over 40 single and 80 blended colours combinations are displayed under the Products heading, making it easy for customers to make their colour choices. (please obtain dry flakes or one of our hard samples to get the closest colour match before ordering as there is no returns on any of our Flakes after purchased)

Designer Flake is always striving to improve the range of products available to you the customer, so we can produce custom blends to suit your individual needs on request. (extra charge applies for this service)

Available if you like in 20 Kilo brown boxes or 120 kilos in a 44 gallon drum, all are in-stock, readily available for delivery (custom blends and larger orders will require a little extra time to be completed).

As all our products are made right here in Australia, so there is No need to wait for stock to arrive from overseas, like other suppliers. Therefore if you run out of Flake we can have more Product to you in no time at all.  

* With our new 4 kilo pails and a new and improved Flake formula our Flake coverage rate has now improved from 12sqm per 4 kilos up to 15sqm per 4 kilo pail. Coverage rates will vary on the broadcasting of the flakes from light to heavy.

The pails will only hold 4 kilos comfortably in all ranges of flake except for Stone Grip which is 5kg and Classic XL 3kg.

We have also been working on flake production over the past 18 months to improve quality, and in doing so we

have improved our formulation and production.  This in turn has produced a more efficient flake being lighter and

therefore providing better coverage for quantity, hence our new claims of approximately 15m2 per 4kg pail.

The 15m2 coverage for the 4kg is a conservative claim as our test results did achieve up to 18m2.

The 4kg pail was also preferred for ease of transport and quality of packaging condition when arriving at its final destination.




Here at Designer Flake you can purchase Glow in the dark Flakes in 2 amazing glow colours - Aqua Blue and Yellow/Green made from the best quality glow powders sourced and tested from around the world, at a competitive price so we can carry the savings on to you our customers. 

*Glow Flakes can be pre-blended into any of our current Blends or your own made up blend with white Flakes as part of the mix. (just for that added extra when the lights are off).


Designer Flake introduces 2 amazing colours of Glow Flakes in 3 sizes Large, Small and Micro. Much testing has gone in to creating this spectacular glow effect for a safety floors or to creative an amazing floor or wall effect on your next project, Floors, walls or bench tops. Our team of chemist have worked timelessly producing the highest quality glow powders from materials sourced from around the world and turning them in to a bright Glow Flake. Available in two Amazing and popular Glow colours -  (Yellow/Green) and (Aqua Blue). Check out these amazing Glow Flakes for yourself that we have been able to produce just for our customers ....You can now purchase these Glow Flakes from your regular outlets or ask us how......Add them to an existing blend for that added effect that will amaze your friends.

* Glow Flakes are charged by either natural sun or powered lights, once the light has gone out the Glow effect will eventually dissipate over time until the lights go back on and the recharging of the glow Flakes starts again, The time for the glows dissipation in the Glow Flakes will depend on the amount of time the Glow Flakes have been exposed to the light and the amount or size of the Flakes. Glow Flakes are more a safety aspect of your floor and act as a safety feature so you can see the floor surface when the lights go out. Our Glow Flakes are not intended for a permanent Glow once the lights go out. (novelty effect only)

 Glow Flakes

                              GREEN/YELLOW                                                       AQUA BLUE

"The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."  by Benjamin Franklin