Freighting of all Overseas Orders

Freight charges from Australia are high, on small items especially. If you buy your Flake in bulk it can work out cheaper. Ask us for the dimensions of your order and Total weight for you to organize your own personalized freight forwarder to organize. 

When Considering freighting your Flakes direct to you

Air Freight (can be 1-3 Days)

Sea Freight (Shipping 1-3 weeks depending on your current location)

Insurance (please obtain your own insurance as our prices are high)

HS Code for Flake - 39069000 (required By Customs)

Goods Description - Decorative Coloured Flakes (for use on seamless Walls and Floors)


The Flakes are the cheapest part of the job, it’s all in the way you use your Flake on your job that will determin how much of the Flakes you will need.

Broadcasting your Flakes onto your surface can be done by hand or using the latest Flake spray Gun.Flake Gun Available through

We have standard recommended coverage rate for you with all our Flakes until you work out your own coverage rates.

Scatter Flaking is the cheapest way to cover your floor with Flakes. This technique requires planning to get an even overall coverage of Flakes without running short of Product.

Practice makes perfect.

After the flakes have dried into the epoxy coating you can blow the excess Flake into a corner for easy collection.

Collecting these flakes then can be use on your next project, however they will not be crisp as the originals and you can mix new with old. (if you scrap your floors or sand these fleas that are swepped up will have to be binned).

 Our Flakes are the finest quality in the world and we stand behind our 100% Guarantee on their make up.

Shop in Bangkok Thailand using Black XL Classic Flakes on white base coating