Designer Flake wishes all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday period..

Merry Christmas

Designer Flake will be closed for the Christmas holiday period from the 3:30pm Friday afternoon the 15th December 2017 and recommencing work at 7:30am on the Monday the 8th of January 2018, management at Designer Flake thank you all for your support and wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas...We look forward to working together with you next year..


Above are some of Designer Flakes extensive Flake range

Designer Flake P/L is an Australian family owned and operated business, the only Flake manufacturers in Australia and only one of a a few Flake producers worldwide.

Designer Flake was established over 30 years ago and has spent a lot of that time and money to perfect one of  the most durable, Eco friendly, colourfast, non-fading, non-flammable and compatible water based Flakes products in the market today.

The Flake coating industry in Australia has grown in leaps and bounds since we commenced production and our Flake products are also now well received around the world, known as an A grade Flake product for application on floors and walls.

Our goal was to make a quality Flake product for the Seamless coating industry and could not be more happy with our results, we know that this has been achieved, with the continual growth of sales and popularity in our quality Flake products.

Through extensive research and development efforts, Designer Flake has developed ways to produce and provide a healthier and greener Flake product alternative in the manufacturing of our Decorative Colour Flakes.

We continue to invest in our vision of a healthier tomorrow by developing new formulations, optimizing the use of organic raw materials with minimal to no waste.

Designer Flake only uses quality raw material suppliers based right here in Australia, ensuring that Australia's precious resources are being optimized to their fullest potential creating jobs for Australians.

Our future Business Plan is to use only those environmentally sustainable resources to help sustain a longer lasting and healthier world for all of us. 

Our Flake Prices have been kept to a low price as we can to enable and help the flooring industry to grow. In 30 years of production we have seen more and more applicators taking up flaking as a permanent profession or as a side line to there already professional trades.

Availability for our Flake products are always in stock and ready to be sent to you that very day, depending on the distance where you need the order to go to, will determine the time you will have your order. But as for packing and dispatch of your order it is same day. No waiting for stock to be made as its in bulk ready for dispatch in any colour or special blend you like or one of our pre-blended ranges.


Our Flake Quality 

Each batch of Designer Flakes that we produce are carefully run through stringent quality control procedures ensuring that all manufacturing procedures are in accordance with our highest quality control specifications. Our state of the art, high tech machinery can produce 1.5 Ton of high quality Flakes per day. Quality is our number one priority that does not end there. We have a great majority of our customers orders are individually customized special blends. Each blend of flakes has to go through a final quality control inspection, to meet our high standards before it is dispatched to you the customer. We take pride in our products and only deliver the best of the best in quality for our customers. We are aware there are other inferior flakes being brought in to Australia. Some of them being second rate quality from what we manufacture and supply to you. We have worked timelessly with constant testing of these imported flakes against our Designer Flakes so you the customer can be guaranteed of Designer Flakes products. Our new high tech dust free manufacturing plant with state of the art ducting systems allows the flake to be dust free. After moving from our original home in Ashmore on the Gold Coast Queensland to our new home at Yatala south of Brisbane, we have been able to create the future in Flake manufacturing plants.

Our Colour Perfection Control

We are very colour wise here at Designer Flake when it comes to our Flake colours, so we have specialized our colour range to suite all colour markets. We have a great choice of amazing rich and deep colours for your imagination to create amazing blends to match and fit in with your special areas. We ensure that every single one of our Flake colour batches we manufacture are the same colour standard every time over and over again. The team here at Designer Flake are very stringent in picking any colour variance insuring a perfect colour match every time. 

Our Innovation into new lines

From our team of expert interior designers to our up to date chemistry department who are in charge of developing customer-specific colour formulations. We are continuously searching and testing the latest concepts to give our customers stylistically designed coloures and Blended Flakes that meet all customer and market place expectations, now and into the future. If you have an idea on a specific colour we are happy to test and see if it will work in today's markets. One thing we strive to do here at Designer Flake headquarters is to be open minded to the ever changing design market of today. Making Flake today is an exciting and ongoing innovative process that we continue to strive for today and into the future for you our valued customers.